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NS Models Wanted


New Sensations / Digital Sin urges talent to be vigilant of casting scams.

New Sensations / Digital Sin NEVER uses any sort of “Craigslist”, “Backpage” or any type of classified ads in order to recruit models.

Anyone contacting you from an email address “” is fraud. Do NOT reply to them. They are soliciting industry talent, asking for personal information and fees. The email includes bogus release forms with New Sensations letterhead and a W-9 tax form.


How Do I Become A New Sensations Model?

All our models are represented by a licensed and bonded modeling agency. If you are associated with a modeling agency have your agent contact us directly.

Can I Submit My Pictures To New Sensations Directly?

If you would like to send a few pictures, some basic information about yourself, a contact email and/or phone number and why you would like to work in the adult industry to, they will be passed onto the proper department. It is very important that you make sure the pictures are lit well and clear. Head shots and body shots are recommended. Nude shots are not necessary but are accepted as well. They will be sent onto a variety of licensed and bonded modeling agencies for review and if they are interested they will contact you directly.

I Am Being Asked To Send Money For Processing.

New Sensations will NEVER ask you for money for any sort of background check or processing. We only work directly with the licensed and bonded modeling agencies who know what the process is in order to work as a model with New Sensations.

New Sensations Never Uses Any Sort Of “Craigslist”, “Backpage” Or Any Type Of Classified Ads In Order To Recruit Models.

If you have any other questions please contact us at